Company Quality Policy:

R P Compliance Testing Ltd aim to be successful by not just meeting but exceeding our customers' quality expectations - this will be achieved through continuous improvement, operational excellence and delivering outstanding quality services to all our customers that meet their exact requirements.

Company policy is to:

  1. Adhere strictly in accordance with relevant legislation that apply to the services provided by the Company e.g. Documents F & L of The Building Regulations, ATTMA Technical Standards and British Standards
  2. Adopt, maintain and comply with the quality standards BS EN ISO 17025:2005, (which is recognised throughout the world) with policies, procedures, systems, programmes & instructions that meet the requirements of both standards
  3. Implement a quality management system that demonstrates everybody in the Company has a strong commitment to the quality and standard of our services
  4. Provide training, advice and support that fulfil all our customer expectations and requirements to the highest standards. Ensure all members of staff are trained and have the experience and resources to carry out their duties in a competent and meticulous manner, with full responsibility for the quality of their work; familiarise themselves with all quality documentation and implement the policies & procedures in their work
  5. Achieve recognition within our industry and market place as an organisation with an excellent reputation for the supply of quality services. Meet and communicate with customers to discuss quality matters, using the results as a tool to improve the quality of our services
  6. Set quality objectives for the business to meet and exceed where possible, which will be reported in the annual management review
  7. Benchmark our services against those of our competitors and wherever possible aim to achieve higher standards by identifying any gaps in the delivery of those services, with a view to exceeding the quality of those competitors
  8. Ensure continuing customer satisfaction by the development and improvement of the services that we provide, together with a focus by everyone in the Company of a satisfactory outcome
  9. Ensure that all equipment used in the process of providing its services is calibrated in accordance with the requirements of UKAS
  10. Provide services that meet the relevant standards, specifications, regulations, codes of practice and the customer needs and requirements; to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system, which has a direct impact on the quality of services
  11. Review and communicate with Suppliers regarding quality of issues for the supply of products and services that affect the services we supply to our customers
  12. Ensure that results of customer surveys and issues raised by them are dealt with promptly and efficiently
  13. Identify, monitor and review external & internal issues that are relevant to the business. Address any impact created by those issues as may be necessary
  14. The management shall ensure all activities are undertaken impartially and will not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality. This will be accomplished by identifying risks throughout the business. Where a risk is identified, it will be eliminated

Ros Piggott - Administrative Director


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