Building Energy Calculations, SAP's, SBEM's, EPC's, Water Efficiency & Overheating :

R P Compliance Testing Ltd can provide your building calculations - SAP Ratings, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's), SBEM's (all Part L), Water Consumption/Efficiency (Part G2), Overheating (Part O) Certificates/reports.

For domestic properties, the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), is used to determine the energy efficiency of the dwelling. SAP ratings range from 1 to 100 and the higher the SAP score, the more energy efficient the building. SAP 2009 came into effect on 1st October 2010 together with the new Part L 2010

Since April 2008 all new dwellings require an 'On Completion Energy Performance Certificate' or 'OCEPC'. SAP 2012 replaced 2009, and more recently SAP10 for the new 2021 regulations, which is the software used (Elmhurst Energy). New homes marketed 'off-plan' before they are physically complete will not have a full Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) but instead have a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA- see sample below).


Water efficiency requires confirmation of the reasonable provision of fittings and fixed appliances that use water efficiently, to prevent undue consumption of water.

The updates to Building Regulations Approved Document Part O came into affect in June 2022, to address overheating in new buildings. 'Overheating' is approached on a basis of prevention and remedy. Prevention: by limiting the amount of direct sunlight through windows and glazing.

The Overheating calculations are a requirement to demonstrate that occupants in buildings health and welfare are protected, by reducing the occurence of high indoor temperatures. This means limiting unwanted solar gains in summer and providing adequate means of removing excess heat within the building.

R P Compliance have qualified assessors to produce the calculations for you and make recommendations on how to comply.

(Samples below of excessive glazed properties)

All SAP, PEA, EPC, Water Efficiency & Overheating calculations are produced in-house by Lee O'Brien DipOCEA, who is accredited with Elmhurst Energy Ltd.


For non-domestic properties, detailed SBEM calculations are produced at design stage and submitted with a Building Regulation Approval application. Each building requires a separate submission from when the Part L 2010 came into effect on 4th October 2010, and more recently the 2021 regulations. It will usually be necessary to commission a mechanical & electrical specification at an early stage. Similar calculations may be required prior to this for planning purposes and to include carbon off-sets in the design.


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